Poland is a cross-cultural country between Eastern and Western Europe, so it has a proud culture on the land of 1000 years of roots. Experiencing many changes to develop in line with the world, Poland is now considered one of the nine most livable European centers. Let’s explore the interesting things in the land that holds the Roman Catholic foundation right here.

About Poland

Poland’s official name on the world map is the Republic of Poland and the name officially translated into the mother tongue is Rzeczpospolita Polska. The name is named after the Polanie tribe in ancient Rome “those who lived in the open field”.
Poland’s borders have continuously changed over the past 1000 years, especially the north is bordered by 440km of coastline, making life here diverse in terms of cuisine. The capital of Poland is Warsaw, which is home to 1.7 million people and the Warsaw Pact is just over 2.5 million native Poles.
Although Poland ranks 6th in the European Union, it still has the exclusive right to use its own currency, the zloty (PLN), 1PLN is equivalent to 6,000 VND. Poland’s time zone on the world map has units in the Central time zone GMT+1 / UTC+1 and is quite unique when one last Sunday in March and October, this Polish country is the sun shines for 1 hour more.

Poland – Roman Catholic land

Natural condition

Poland has a temperate climate, cold in winter (from December to March next year) and pleasant in summer (June to August). Because Poland is influenced by a temperate climate, the weather is erratic, it can be cold and hot for a few hours and the temperature rises from 10-150C. In addition, influenced by the Baltic Sea, there are showers and lightning showers.

Lightning is a common phenomenon in Poland

Diverse cultures and cuisines

Traditional history is considered the roots of the Polish people. So Poland is still changing to keep up with the world, but the culture here has always remained the same. Therefore, this cultural interference will make you go from surprise to surprise if you set foot in this colorful land.
Each region in the beautiful country of Poland has its own unique dish, but it is similar to the cuisine in 3 countries Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The main ingredient of dishes in Poland is pork and people often eat dishes prepared with cabbage. You can see the famous Sanok peasant dish on any street in Poland.

Sanok – traditional peasant food

Above are the miracles that make up the land with a history of 1000 years – Poland. Hopefully one day both you and I can discover new things in this wonderful land.