Like the reality, the online marketplace is now equally competitive. There are
many individuals doing business with a variety of products, even big and
famous brands gradually change into this form. So if you are a newbie without
kinh nghiệm bán hàng online, has no orientation, the following article will help
you solve these problems effectively.

How effective online business?

Market orientation

For new people selling online, you should focus on finding the market demand
to choose the right product. The way to sell successfully online starts in the
marketplace first. You go to find the customer groups, the appropriate age for
the product needs to be more easily oriented.

Market segment orientation

Find the right selling product

Once the market is oriented, you will start analyzing to find the right product.

For newcomers, focus on finding the right segment by consulting major e-
commerce sites. However, there will be many categories with thousands of different specific products classified by price, gender, … to help you orient

Determine the right product

From there, you will be able to choose specific products with specific effects for
customers. Especially if you have knowledge about the product, a particular
specialty, start looking for products from this advantage. Once you have the
product you need to do business, you should import wholesale products by
sourcing on Facebook, Google, Taobao, … to have a high profit margin.

Find a sales channel

Finding an effective sales channel is the next step. You should choose the
channels with a large number of engagement today. Specifically:

● Big e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Sendo … help bring products up
faster and easier than Tiki, Lazada.
● Livestream through Facebook helps two-way communication better with
customers. Especially, the cheap and easy to sell products help you to
have a successful order.

● Build a sales channel on Youtube. This is a place where can effectively
advertise personal and product brands to many people.
● Tik Tok is suitable for products, fashion …
● Build your own sales website.

Choose an effective sales channel

See the products on sale here:

How to promote products

An important online selling experience that newcomers cannot forget is
advertising products to better reach consumers. To promote products more
effectively to many customers you can use the form of advertising on Google
Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO …

Increase running product ads

Above are the effective online sales experiences for those who are just starting
to navigate an online business. Selling online will be easier if you build a solid,
efficient and clear initial direction. Hopefully the experiences that this article
shares will make it easier for you with this competitive sales job.