How to preserve wooden furniture when it is raging is something many people have set out? This is a very unpleasant time to make indoor furniture often moldy. In fact, there are many different ways to preserve furniture when it is raging. If you do not know how, you can immediately refer to the following tips.

Use trench oil

Use trench oil to preserve furniture

The first way that anyone can adopt that option is to use trench oil. This is the type of oil that works to treat mold moisture most effectively. This oil with a walnut extract is widely available in furniture stores.
For this method the implementation is very simple. You just need to apply oil all over the wood surface. Thus, in humid weather, the wood will not be affected at all. However, you should wipe about 1 time a week to get the best results.

Always use a dry cloth to clean furniture

The next way people can use it is to use a dry cloth to wipe those furniture in good weather. Normally, if the weather is too loud, it will cause a lot of damage to the product. This will create a favorable environment for mold to grow. As such, the furniture is easily rotten.
Therefore, at good times, you should prepare a dry towel to wipe. You should wipe daily to avoid too high humidity to damage the furniture.

Use a dry cloth to clean furniture

Use salt water

Another method to preserve furniture in high weather is to use salt water. This is a very familiar item in every family, but its effects on wooden furniture are unknown. For woods with many angles, it is a lot of moisture. Then use a towel dipped in salt water to wipe off the mold and then wipe with a clean cloth. Thus, it both limits mold and eliminates the growth of bacteria.

Use a dehumidifier

This is the method most people choose today. Dehumidifiers are sold in many markets. Everyone can choose whichever machine suits your size and economic conditions. Buy a dehumidifier, you just need to turn on the dehumidifier, the air is always dry in the house and the furniture is not affected by the sky.
Above are a few very effective tips to preserve wooden furniture when it is raging. Everyone should make sure to apply it in the family when this situation occurs. You can use all the ways or just one will work well.